How to change your name on WWE Supercard

Customer Name basically is a name which is used by any person who is managing the progressed platforms.

The customer uses it for instance, on convenient, workstations, PC.

Except if you can play for paying little respect to whether you are making a demonstrating then the username will be given to you. wwe supercard hack

It gives you a one of a kind character by which various people in a structure will in all likelihood recollect you.

Username empowers different customers to use a comparable game or some other online services.

When you make your username in any web page or in any game, it engages you to keep up the total of your data in the database of that particular website and in the database of that game.

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Almost everyone acknowledges how to make username in WWE Super Card game yet the issue is that nobody understands that how we can change our username later.

So today I will uncover to you each and every progression and I am sure in the wake of scrutinizing this post you will likely change your customer name On WWE Super Card.

If you want to change your username then follow the rules written below

  • First  of all, you have to open the WWE SuperCard application
  • You  will find a "Settings" option. Ta on it.
  • After  that, you have to click on the "feedback" option.
  • Next, you will find " Card Issue" option. You have to tap on it.
  • Presently you need to send email to the WWE Super Card bolster group     expressing that you need to change the username on Super Card.    
  • At   that point sit tight for some time [approx. 30 minutes]. The support     group will reach you by means of email and they will ask you for what reason you need to change your username.    
  • Give  suitable reason that why you need to change the username on     Supercard alongside the new username to which you need to change.    
  • Inside  30 minutes the username will be changed.    
  • Next,  you need to tap on the oversee login choice.    
  • Login again and you will see, the username has been changed successfully.

How to change your name on WWE Supercard